This tune-up include:

  • Tire pressure adjustment (maximum pressure or, at the client’s request);
  • Safety inspection (inspection and tightening of every bolt and screw);
  • General inspection of the bicycle’s integrity (followed by maintenance recommendations);
  • Derailleur and gear adjustment (inspection of the drivetrain and the integrity of its parts);
  • Brake adjustment (break pad wear control);
  • Chain lubrification (chain wear control);
  • Wheel hubs and headset adjustment- Cleaning of the bicycle frame.

Includes the SILVER package with the addition of:

  • Lubrification of all pivot points;
  • Cleaning and lubrification of the chain;
  • Cleaning of all drive train parts;
  • Wheel alignment.

Includes the GOLD package with the addition of:

  • Replacement of all cables and cable housings;
  • Complete cleanup of the bike;
  • Disassembly, lubrification and reassembly of the wheel hubs, headset, drive train and bottom bracket.

*Additional fee of $29.95 for mountain bike cleaning.

**No parts are included except cables and housings in the Platine tune-up option.


Chain lubing: $9,95

Wheel alignment: $29,95 (par wheel + parts)

Derailleur hanger adjustment: $9,95

Derailler adjustment: $14,95

Brake adjustment: $14,95$ (pair: $24,95)

Direction adjustment: $14,95

Bottom bracket adjustment: $19,95

Wheels bearing adjustment: $19,95

Disc brake bleed: $29,95


All prices are for installation and adjusments, every parts are extra.

Spoke: $39,95

Grips: $9,95

Pedals: $9,95

Cables: $14,95

Front wheel: $9,95

Rear wheel: $14,95

Cassette: $14,95

Chain: $14,95

Rack: $19,95

Tires or tube: $14,95

Shifter: $24,95

Derailleur: $29,95

Mecanic brake: $29,95

Fork: $39,95

Flat bar: $29,95

Stem: $14,95

Handlebar tape: $24,95

Crank: $29,95

Tubeless Tires (sans fond): $24,95 + sealant

Baby seat: $24,95

Headset: $39,95

Wheel bearing: $29,95

Bottom bracket: $29,95

Tubeless tire (with tape): $39,95 + sealant

Hydraulic brake: $44,95 + oil

Road handlebar: $59,95

Hydraulic brake installation and purge: $64,95

Groupset clean: $59,95

For all other repairs and installation our hour rate is 80$.